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Treat the Whole Body

Whole Body Health – You want to feel your best! We Can Help!

Kick depression? Stop the aches and pains that you’ve been carrying around for years? How about help your child thrive in school? Do you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster that you can’t get off? I’m Dr. Troy, and I would like to help you!

Let me introduce you to Professional Applied Kinesiology. It is characterized by the idea that there are three factors that work harmoniously together to contribute to total health. The three are Chemical, Structural and Emotional. Practitioners other than Chiropractors that use this analysis include Osteopathic Doctors, Dentists, Medicine, Psychology, Acupuncture, Biochemistry, and Homeopathy.

The Chemical

The component relates to vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are the driving force for cellular growth and proper function. Obviously the importance of proper vitamins and minerals is gaining traction. Just Google “multivitamin”. We used to get all the nutrients we needed from the food we ate, however today we are missing or getting reduced amounts of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for life. Not only are we getting busier as a society which is driving the need to pick something up quick, the farming practices have depleted the soil of certain key nutrients that were previously transferred to us. Also most vegetables are picked up to 30 days before you buy it in the market. This means that many nutrients are no longer provided by eating that vegetable. So what do you do…we supplement. But not all supplements are made the same. That’s what we do as Applied Kinesiologists, we analyze your body for the proper nutrient balance and supply you with the vitamins and minerals that I give my family. Ones I have researched and know that are made with real plant products from sustainable farms.

The Structural

This component relates to the cranium, spine and extremities. This is the space most Chiropractors live. New research has been presented that prove the adjustment of the spine improves the immune system and decreases the rate of aging. That is news we all get excited about!

The Emotional/Mental

This includes areas that affect our health such as stress, anxiety, depression, happiness, etc. It is estimated that between 75% and 90% of all doctors visits are related to stress. I can attest to this with the patients we see in my office. Many times I have treated a patient and relieved the Structural and Chemical blocks and a small portion of pain remained. As soon as we relieved the Mental block the pain completely resolved. Other patients have noticed significant changes just in removing the emotional/mental component. How do we relieve these blocks you ask? By finding and addressing the issue, relieving inflammation and promoting positive changes in life. This life is too short to live it alone or feel like we can’t find help, that’s where a support community in life comes in to play.

Needless to say, if one or more of these three factors are out of balance it can significantly affect your health. Applied Kinesiology, a non-invasive treatment, analyzes the health of the whole body through a specific and organized hierarchical protocol for optimal results and health. In short, it is time to put away that depression, ADHD, back ache, you’ve been fight with for years! Call us today so we can help you get to your Best Health!

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