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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Chiropractors real Doctors?

Yes! Four years of undergraduate course work was required to complete the Chiropractic program followed by 4-5 years of Doctoral coursework.  The Chiropractic program required over 4,600 hours of contact hours to receive the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. The Chiropractor is specially trained to handle musculoskeletal conditions and analyze the body as a whole. Click the link to see a comparison between Doctor of Chiropractic education and Medical Doctor education.


Applied Kinesiology!?!? I heard that was the same as voodoo?

AK is not voodoo, however it is unlike any health experience that you might have already experienced unless of course you have visited an AK practitioner. True AK docs actually practice using the AK analysis to look deeper into certain chemical, structural and emotional factors of health. So in short a full body approach. Additionally, you might enter with symptoms and that helps us with treatment, however our main goal is to treat the person and not the symptoms. This approach allows the doctor to treat what he or she finds during each course of treatment which can ultimately lead to finding the cause of the symptoms.

What to expect my first visit?

Your first visit will be around 45 minutes to one hour in length. It will include your initial paperwork, a detailed history, a detailed physical and Injury Recall Technique (IRT). IRT is your first encounter with a protocol our doctor uses called Quintessential Applications (QA). QA is essentially a protocol that combines Functional Neurology and Applied Kinesiology. After the first visit the doctor will review your case, which will be discussed on the second visit.


What do you mean when you say you “treat the person not the symptoms?”

We are not symptom chasers, we are health restorers! We believe that the body works a whole and if any of the body systems are not functioning at 100% then that could lead to “symptoms”. This is the importance of analyzing the body as a whole.


What is an Adjustment?

An Adjustment is a Chiropractic term that refers to the manipulation of the spine or extremity using the manual method and/or by instrument. Some people refer to this as “cracking” or “popping” the neck or back. These terms are actually detrimental for some people that could truly benefit from Chiropractic Care. It is estimated that the majority of people don’t seek Chiropractic treatment for fear of their neck being manipulated. This is heartbreaking for us a physicians because we know we can help in most cases. Oh and by the way the sound you hear is just gas being released from the joint. (And I know most people have “self adjusted” themselves : ) Just so you know, when you do this, usually you are adjusting the more movable segment, not the one that actually needs to be adjusted. That is why it only provides temporary relief.)


Do you take insurance?

We will provide you with a superbill (a document with all your codes from what was performed during your treatment.) We believe that your healthcare should not be determined by what insurances are willing to cover. There is a whole big world out there in the alternative world in relation to true health-care and that is where our office and doctor live.


Should my children be under care? Do you adjust them like an adult?

The beautiful thing about Chiropractic and AK is that everyone can enjoy the benefits. In the majority of instances you and your family are only going to get healthier. At Aurora Integrative Health we specialize in the pediatric population. Check out our sections in the services page. We are passionate about children and giving them the best possible foundation for life.


Why do I have to keep coming? Don’t you just diagnose and prescribe exercises or massage me or something? My neck or back doesn’t hurt? Why would I come to you?

Do you change the oil in your car? Do you only go to the gym once? What about the dentist? Even if it’s once a month, getting adjusted is great for your immune system, joint mobilization and overall health.

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