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Everyone experiences an occasional headache, but for some men and women, head and neck pain is an ongoing concern that directly affects their quality of life. Troy McMurtray, DC, of Aurora Integrative Health of Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida, offers state-of-the-art treatment for headache and neck pain and can help you find lasting relief. If you’re curious about what chiropractic care can do to ease your pain, book a consultation using the simple online tool or call to check availability.

Headache and Neck Pain Q&A

What causes headaches?

Only around 5% of headaches indicate a physical problem. The remaining 95% are what’s known as primary headaches, meaning the head pain itself is the central concern and is not a symptom of a different medical issue.

Most primary headaches are brought on by muscle tension in your neck. That is partly due to a more sedentary lifestyle as compared with our ancestors. Americans also spend a bulk of the day in one position at work, school, or home. That worsens neck tension and irritation, and this can lead to headaches.

How can chiropractic care help treat headaches or neck pain?

Chiropractic care focuses on improving spinal function by addressing undue strain on your spinal cord. That can stem from issues in your cervical spine (neck) or in your back. Chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation can lessen that strain and improve function.

The pressure used to manipulate the joints in your cervical spine is less than what is needed in many back adjustments. Dr. Troy has the skill and experience to gently mobilize your neck to relieve tension and improve joint mobility. The process is not painful and is actually quite relaxing for most men and women.

How can I prevent headaches and neck pain?

Dr. Troy works with you to identify areas in your daily life where you can make changes that support optimal spine health. That might involve scheduling time to walk or engage in other physical activity.

You may need to alter the environment where you work to avoid subjecting your spine to excess strain. Setting a timer to remind you to get up from your desk and take a brief walk every couple of hours is an example of a simple change that can yield big results.

You might also consider standing for a portion of your work day or changing the height of your computer monitor to relieve neck strain.  

If you spend a lot of time in an office chair, finding an option that provides the right level of support can make a world of difference in managing pain. You can also engage in a series of gentle neck stretches that can be done while sitting at your desk.

When you’re ready to find lasting relief from head and neck pain, book an appointment at Aurora Integrative Health today, online or by phone.